Animgram Animation engine

The common thread in our tech is our Animgram Engine, digital puppeteering controlling live lip-synched puppets and live switching 144 virtual cameras. A complete production facility and engine used in our profesionel tools as well as in many of our games and apps like our Interactive Book System creating interactive books/apps faster, simpler and cheaper than anyone else and in our very simple Singing Horses App..

It is all about tech and content. We developed lots of tools to keep bringing content to the world, content we wanted to develop and content we had no chance to finance on our own. Instead we cut corners and developed magic production tools enabling us to develop the content we love. Universes like Crazy Barn, Nelly Nut, KatjaKaj & BenteBent and hundreds of small games and other digital stuff.

We have produced and licensed our stuff to companies like BBC, ZDF, Teletoon, Viacom, MTV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central and Tv Ontario to mention some and our content has spanned the globe from Asia, South America, North America, Europe and to the Middle East.