Nelly Nut

The Nelly Nut Universe is all about a 9-year old girl and her friends. Nelly has her own Tv-show and love to chat with the viewers and to challenge them to play different games.

Nellys best friend is a teddy bear Miss Bunny. He can always bring Nelly back to reality and common sense. Together with Nelly's classmates they provide 100% pure kid entertainment with animated celebrity guests, Nelly News, fan emails, games and other kid 'interactivities' using a phone.

Exist on Tv and on-line.

Pre-Produced or live by using our Live Animation System CBS.

Target group: 8-12.

Nelly channels : BBC, ZDF, DR, TV2, Fox Kids, Teletoon, TVI & HRT.

Click on the Tv to watch small Nelly music videos and a series pilot.

Enjoy her on her own web-site, just click on the www at the end

For more information please mail us.