Jukebox-tv is an interactive Tv show where the viewers select their own videos, votes for the hit-list, chat and comment live on the show.

Based on the incoming SMS?es, mails and call to the voice response system the system automically determines which Video to play next.

On the Tv on the right side you can watch some examples o jukebox tv. First a music show determined by the viewers texting into the show, second a music gameshow hosted by the animated character Paroleboy and last a number of breakers from the Paroleboy Universe.

When the video runs a lot of Gossip trivia can be displayed in numerous ways. The system automatically selects automatically which gossip bits to display based on keywords for

the actual video being played.

The system runs completely automatic and creates splendid wallpaper Tv.

For more information please mail us at jukebox-tv at tv-animation.com.