Interactive TV Games

The Interactive Game System from Gonzoft gives you the ability to have your viewers participate in your shows playing games from home, studi or even in the streets. We can supply you with a package of 40+ games you can play in your own Tv-show, a complete package with all the hardware, software and the games of your choice.

In the Tv to your right you can see examples of our games,

The first is the bee sting bull cow game as played on CBBC in the Nelly Nut show.

The second is the maze game from the Portuguese Nelly Nut show. You put a pet into a maze with electrified walls and turn out the light. Now you have to steer the pet out of the maze, and yes the pet gets an electric shock every time you bump it into the walls.

The third is a Christmas game where the kids shout specific words and that triggers a moving canon that fires snowballs. The aim is to shoot down as many of the opponent's gifts.

Some of the games can be played/controlled by SMS/MMS where you can have many simultaneous players. If you want your own games, in your own design, it is fairly easy just to re-skin some of the existing games or we can develop specific games tailor-made for you and your program needs.

The system conforms to the broadcast standards and outputs both SD as well HD in different modes (720p, 1080i, 1080p).