The Crazy Barn Show

The Crazy Barn Show is a live animated game show for the 8-10 year olds. It revolves around the two farm friends Lulu the turkey and Sir Richard the rat and their secret tv-station in the barn. The farm is full of animals with human characteristics - nerdie pigs, skater cows and gossip-loving chickens - and they all live a secret life without being noticed by humans.

On the Tv to the right you can watch a number of videos introducing you to the Crazy Barn Show. First a small teaser, the intro to the game Cowbingo, second a general presentation of the show and third a deeper introduction to the Crazy Barn Universe.

The Crazy Barn Show is a live animated universe using our Cartoon Broadcast System, best described as a digital puppet theater with multiple scenes, cameras and characters. Children call and email the farm friends and they talk about the topic of the day or play games using the phone. When doing so the children get their own lip-synched character. The crazy barn becomes your own show, not just some footage show and you can use the charcters and universe to host a children's block.

The Crazy Barn Show has run on Sweden SVT and on Norwegian NRK and the accompanying web-site got the price for best European on-line production.

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Target group: 8-12
Sales rights: Worldwide.

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