TV Animgram

It is all about content and it is all about technology.

We in TV Animgram have developed lots and lots of tools to help us bring content to the world, content we wanted to develop and content that we had no chance to finance ourselves unless we invented the magic tools that made it possible to do it in Europe and not ship it to places with lower salaries, no healthcare, and no job security.

We did invent the magic tools and we brought them to many platforms, from broadcast, UGC, social media and messaging systems. Not as stand alone systems, but used in creating, broadcasting and distributing our animated universes like Nelly Nut and KatjaKaj & BenteBent and many many more like them.

We have produced and licensed our stuff to companies like BBC, ZDF, Teletoon, Viacom, MTV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central and Tv Ontario to mention some of them and we have spanned the globe from Asia, South America, North America, Europe to the Middle East.

Rigth now we are working on expanding our Nelly Nut and our KatjaKaj & BenteBent universes, converting some of the old PAL stuff to full HD/4K and develop new tools for new Nelly and KKBB products to be launched soon.